We recommend that you create an account, so you can have your own datasets saved and run workflows in the background. Please Contact us to have an account created for you.

To conduct an analysis, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Choose a type of analysis you want to run. This amounts to choosing from a library of pre-defined workflows that are available in the portal.
  2. Upload your data. The system will guide you by asking you for the kinds of data needed by the workflow that you have selected.
  3. Set parameters for the analysis. These are input parameters for the analytic tools that are used in the workflow you selected.
  4. Run the analysis. This means asking the system to submit the workflow for execution. Regular updates on execution results will be posted on this page.
  5. Access the final and intermediate datasets from the page mentioned in the previous step.

Running a Simple Test

You can test out the portal by running some workflows by choosing the default datasets.

How to Run an Analysis

You can either choose from the datasets available, or you can upload your own data to run the workflows. The data that you upload will be available to you (only you, not other users) from your account in subsequent runs. Please note that every account is initialized with some sample datasets.

For uploading data, if multiple input files are used for an input to the workflow (like multiple FinalReports), then you have to provide a zip file containing the files (The ZIP file should contain just the files and NO folders). The system will ask you to "Upload Zip Files" as it sees fit as opposed to unzipped files.

Accessing Results

The final and intermediate datasets of any analysis that you have run can be accessed from this page.