A Portal for Population Studies

Population studies are typically done with large datasets that result in compute-intensive processes. This portal exploits workflow technologies to run those computations efficiently from a simple user interface that does not require you to install any software. Through this site you can conduct population studies that use analytic tools from several widely-used software packages, such as Plink and R. These tools are combined together into workflows of computations. The workflows also include conversion routines to automatically re-format data when required. You begin by selecting a workflow available in the portal. Then you upload your data, and that's it: the portal will run the analysis for you! If you want to try it out, it is easy to run with our sample workflows and datasets.

The Center for Genetic Studies of Mental Disorders (CGSMD)

The Center for Genetic Studies of Mental Disorders (CGSMD) holds clinical data and biological samples on over 74,600 individuals from several dozen different genetic studies on schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, Alzheimer disease, autism, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, anorexia and sets of healthy controls. For each study in the database there are clinical features or phenotypes that were assessed for all (or most) individuals. Genotype data is included from whole genome linkage and association studies of short tandem repeat and single nucleotide polymorphisms. The NIMH HGI database contains a wealth of information that can be mined to discover new disease models and therapeutics for mental disorders and related phenotypes. You can run population studies through this portal that use CGSMD data. To do this, you need to get permission to access the data by contacting CGSMD.

Software Packages

The workflows in this portal use the following software packages:

We continue to add new workflows and packages, if you have a particular request let us know.

Inside the Portal: Workflow Technologies

Getting Started

Visit our workflow gallery, or browse through the descriptions of analysis types that we support.

You can test out the portal by running our sample workflows and datasets. You can also select a workflow, then the system will help you upload your data and run the analysis for you.